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Spiritual Coaching

Do you feel lost or disconnected? Are you wondering why you are here and what you are supposed to do?

The spiritual coach will help you reconnect with yourself and the divine or the source. She will guide you to find your true identity and let go of everything holding you back. As a result, you will finally start moving forward with a goal and motivation.

You will experience and learn different ways to heal and grow. Many tools and techniques will be used accordingly to your needs. 

These sessions go beyond your regular coaching experience as they will involve deep energy work to re-balance the energy flow in your mind and body. These healing techniques will help you clean all negative energies and block emotions, preventing you from moving forward.

We take this program very seriously, and our only expectation is to see our clients grow and become the person they want to be.


The results are not depending on us only. It requires personal work and investment to reach your dream life. But we are here to guide you wherever you need and want to be, bringing you the tools and vision you might have missed. Everything is possible, and we will prove it to you.


Please, book a call with us to find out if we are the perfect match to work together.

We recommend that you book a call before using our coaching service. This is a commitment, and we want to ensure we get to know each other before starting. It's essential to feel the connection before any commitment.
Image by Fiona Murray

Questions and Answers

How it works?
We will meet twice a month for about 60 min. After finding out what you need to release or improve for the session, we will focus on it and start working on it until the issue is completely resolved.

Why would I need this program?

  • If you are feeling lost or disconnect.

  • If you are constantly tired, stressed or anxious.

  • If you are always sick.

  • If you are wondering who you are and what you are doing here.

  • If you keep seeing some negative patterns in your life

  • If you have some addictions (we often work in collaboration with your doctors)

  • If you want to grow spiritually and be more connected.

  • If you have relationships issues.

  • If you feel like you are losing the control of your life.

  • If you just want to feel happier and be healthier.

How do I know if that program is for me?

  1. It depends of your situation today and what you are looking for.

  2. It depends of how serious and motivated you are in changing your life and growing. How ready you are.

  3. It depends of how spiritual you are or you want to be (I'm not talking about religion here). How connected to the source and mother earth you are.

  4. It depends of your intuition and what your gut tells you. It has to come from you.

What kind of techniques and tools you are using?
We have a very nice toolbox available, with many effective tools in it such as EFT, Ho'oponopono, Chakra alignment, hypnosis, energy clearing techniques, meditation, mindfulness...

How long is the program?
The program requires a minimum of 3 months. It can go as long as you want after that. It will depend on the results you would like to see and the work you provide.


What are the policies regarding the cancellation of a session?

A session cancellation must be done at least 48h in advance unless there is an emergency involved. Cancellation done less than 48 hours in advance will be counted as a regular session.


What are the policies about the cancellation of the program?

We require a minimum of 3 months of full investment. We want you to give it a try and see the results you already can achieve after such a short period. 

After this period of 3 months, you can cancel anytime through email at least a week before renewal.

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