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Personal Energy Clearing

Time to care for yourself

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Energy Clearing

Throughout our existence, our experiences and encounters can create disturbances and traumas imprinted in our energy system, thus causing blockages by preventing the flow of our energies from circulating correctly. In addition, our energy systems can also be disturbed by external elements such as energy incompatibility with people, places, past lives, entities, and energetic parasites that will draw our energies.

These energies, mixed with old memories, negative emotions, and limited beliefs, can create a toxic cocktail. As a result, you feel tired, stressed, sad, angry, anxious, and worse, sick.

Energy clearing is about cleaning energies, auras, subtle bodies, chakras, and the whole body, bringing calm, health, balance, harmony, serenity, and well-being.

Just like you offer your skin deep cleaning, your mind and body also need deep cleansing.

When do you need
an energy clearing?

Regular clearings can be done for stronger health, higher energy, and better resilience. 

Energy clearing is highly recommended:

  • After being sick

  • After stressful events

  • After the departure of a closed one

  • When stressed or anxious

  • When having sleeping issues

  • Before or after a space energy-clearing session

Image by Icee Dc
Image by zhang kaiyv

How does it work?

Just lay down and relax!
This 45 min energy clearing is done remotely.

We will connect online through zoom and start with a brief discussion to understand what you are going through and what you need to be done.

After that, you will be asked to lie down and relax. Then, the energetic healer will do the rest. Everybody responds differently to the treatment. Some people feel immediate relief and changes, while others progressively feel some difference over the following days. 

What will you need?

Besides an internet connection and a device to connect, you won't need anything.

However, some people like lighting up a candle, incense, and relaxing music. 

Please, feel welcome to use whatever makes you happy!

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