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Image by Mathieu Perrier

How does it work

  1. Connect on your account to book an appointment with your MindSPA coach. This session will be online.

  2. Before the session starts, find a quiet and comfortable place making sure that you won't be disturbed or distracted for a couple of hours. (please, no electronic besides the device you use for your zoom session).

  3. Prepare for your session, gathering everything you might need during your MindSPA: Beverage, blanket...

  4. If you want to improve the experience, you can also prepare your room by adding incense and candles. (Please, make sure everything is well secured and safe while you are meditating)

  5. The session will start on time; please, note that late arrival will not receive an extension of scheduled treatments and will be charged in full. Please, read our policies for more information.

  6. Your session is about 1 hour long. Just relax and enjoy!

Image by Mathieu Perrier
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